Baby Centre

The Baby Centre welcomes children from the age of 0 years to around 24 months. We open the nursery at 8.00am and close at 6.00pm, during this time we make sure that the children enjoy a range of suitable activities that are interesting, varied, and appropriate for their different abilities.

The regular members of staff that are based in this room are suitably qualified and trained as childcare workers. We have a minimum ratio of 1:3 for children under 24 months.

All of the children are assigned a key carer which will be one of the permanent members of staff from the room. This member of staff will help them to settle into the nursery routine and work with the child and parents/carers to ensure that they are settling well. They will also co-ordinate information on the child's needs and development and share this with the other members of staff and the parents. It will also help to plan activities for the children and help to build up a picture of their interests.

From the hours of 7.30-8am we have the option of early start for parents that require this additional half hour. We then have breakfast between 8.00 8.30am. The children have a variety of toys out and have free play till around 10am. During this time, some of the children have their morning sleep. We liaise with the parents to find out about the children's' routines. We feel it is important to keep continuity between home and nursery so will aim to keep these routines the same.

At 10am we have a snack time; we will offer a variety of healthy, balanced snacks. Parents are asked to fill out a weaning sheet and let us know all of the foods that they have tried at least 3 times. This ensures that they have previously tried it and have not had a reaction to this food.
From 10:30-11:30 children are able to have the choice to participate in our planned activity. We make sure that the activities that are provided are appropriate to their age and stage of development. The children have the opportunity to use a range of activities, such as sand, water, playdough, clay, painting, and malleable materials. The children also have use of the gym area in which we can offer a wide range of physical activities which will help our children to discover and develop their bodies in a creative and challenging way. We can open the joining doors to the gym and children have the chance for free flow between the gym and purple room. Our children also have access to the outdoor area. Many of the activities that are offered in the nursery can be taken outside and also it gives the opportunity for more space.

The children can join for a short circle time. They can join together to sing songs and listen to stories. All of the other toys are still available for them to play with, should they wish.

Lunch is served at 12 noon. Meal times are a very sociable time and a time to come together.

After lunch, the afternoon follows a similar pattern but includes different activities and resources, and again, use of the gym and outdoor areas.
A tea is provided for the children at 4pm. After tea the children have the opportunity for free play as they start to go home for the end of the day. Their daily routine and  a description of their day, is written in their communication book for the parent to take home, as well as verbal feedback which is given in the door